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About Steph...

Hello you delicious postcrossers!

I live in a once pretty now over-developed market town between London and Cambridge in England. I have had to retire early from a wonderful career as an emergency nurse but keep up to date with things related to that profession by being ill and in hospital rather a lot.As of April 2022 I've become a wheelchair user.

My hobbies are quilting, cats, (please note the comma; quilting cats is probably unethical) journaling, reading and art, and I'm quite good at wasting time online. I'm not a fan of cooking (I'd rather be cleaning, singing tunelessly along to Queen, ABBA, or James Blunt) and I don't like creepy crawlies, especially moths. I collect lots of random things; nurse dolls, pin badges, vintage Ladybird books, bookmarks (the free paper ones) and also sugar sachets/cubes. I have many tins full of sugar from around the world. Does that make me a sucrologist? Maybe! Any donations to the sugar mountain are gratefully received.

Every single postcard will be welcomed and treasured, in particular

** Anything to do with the Covid-19 pandemic; social distancing, lockdown, loo roll, masks, vaccine, politics, and associated rainbow postcards.
** Blue cats
**Medicine and health, particularly aspects of emergency care (one of my most treasured postcards is from the London Air Ambulance). The gorier the better!
** The seaside! Beach huts, piers, lighthouses, ice cream vans, and jolly seaside related stuff.
** Postcards of illustrations from children's books (of your country) would be cool.
**Ad cards, something that is marketed and sold in your country. Vintage is good, kitsch is better!
**LGBTQ / Pride.
**Wheelchairs, funny folk on wheels, blinged up wheelchairs.

I'd love to learn a bit about your life, so postcards from your neighbourhood or of a local scene are always welcome. I don't 'favourite' any received cards because I like them all! I would really prefer a postcard that originated in your country (it would be rather sad to get a British postcard from overseas). Oh......and where possible please could you use a real stamp?

What to write? How do you display and organise your postcrossing postcards (I need tips!). What's your perfect meal? Your favourite moment of the day? Do you collect anything weird or unusual? If you're sending me a pandemic postcard it would be awesome if you could tell me something about your own pandemic experience.

I love receiving the postcards, and so does Charlie the postman. If you want to say 'hi Charlie' somewhere on the postcard he'd be delighted!

If you have a Covid-19 postcard to swap please pm me.

It would be helpful if you could write your username on the postcard so I can see your profile before I thank you. It just makes it a bit more personal. Much appreciated.

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