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About Rocky_Road_Trip...

When I was young, I got to travel across the US with my parents. They were both teachers, so we had several months each summer to explore the US and Canada. During these family road trips, I got in the habit of sending postcards back to my friends at home - to let them know where we were and what we were up to. It was great fun selecting just the right card and composing just the right short message for them - long before the days of Twitter!

But as we all know, postcards are increasingly difficult to find, and people rely on Facebook, rather than the postal service, to update their friends (and the NSA!) Boring! There's no challenge doing that! So, that's why I was very excited to find a place where other people actually still enjoy writing postcards and using the mailbox to say hello!
Want to know if I already have that card? Keyword searchable collection of all cards I've received: (Click the magnifying glass/search)
Postcards I like to receive:

For 2019:
1) Conspiracy Theories, secret societies, Mason symbols, UFOs.
2) Big Foot - Hiking - Camping - Trails (like Appalachian, PCT etc).
3) Tunnels, Toll Booths / Gas Stations / Howard Johnsons / Any vintage US Highway related.
4) Cards with an obvious agenda - religious, political, social engineering.
5) Clowns! Vintage circus & amusement parks (but please, no Disney)

- Touristy cards of your town, state - multi-views ok.

- Lighthouses! Dams, Fountains, City Parks, Monuments, Towers, Bridges, Stadiums, & Highway Rest Stops. (Any toilet humor for that matter!)

- Colorful landscapes or national parks. State Parks, too!

- Roadside Attractions, especially weird, embarrassing ones. World's Biggest, Santa Claus Lands, Mystery Spots, Historical Re-enactments, Mini-Golf, Zoos, Kiddie Lands, Themed-lands, Buildings made to look like people/things etc.

- Cards depicting staged, mock violence (cowboy shoot-outs, hangings, crucifixions, gangsters, witch burnings, war crimes, torture devices, etc.) Many of these come from wax museums.

- Cards that make fun of historical figures, presidents, dictators, royalty, religious leaders. Pro-USA cards. Patriotic. Propaganda.

- Cards showing punks or punk rock bands. Anarchy. Political Parties. Most anything from Ireland.

- Billboards, sandwich boards, misspellings.

- Cards about drinking, sobriety, DWI, MADD! Drug abuse, 12 step, or marijuana evils.

- Pointless, boring scenery. Scenery obstructed by lamposts etc.

- Out-of-date motel rooms with tacky decor. Old restaurants promo cards. All you can eat and food challenge cards.

- Strange Cards that make you say, what were they thinking?

- Religious cards; sacrilegious, hokey, crucifixion, staged religious events, pageants, nativity, or Reborn-Christian themes are welcome. Nuns and pics of scary clergy members encouraged!

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