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About Rick...

Hello, My name is Rick and live in Streamwood, Illinois with my wife Maryann.
My Birthday and Easter Sunday fall on the same date this year. This has not happened in a long time and cards celebrating the event would be appreciated.
I enjoy receiving postcards that I can do some further reading about the subject, famous building in your city or country, a unique local museum or gallery, great historical event, an important artist or work of art, a scenic spot in your city or country, National Parks, a Holiday observed in your country, famous people now or in the past, recipes of local foods, or a funny card is always welcome.
I’m a big fan of zoological parklands, and all things nautical or marine. I’m a book reader. Favorite subjects are travel, history and biography.
They are not always easy to find but I collect cards of "guys holding fish" because of my favorite website.

*Postcrossing friends in Sweden: A card depicting the Troll art of Rolf Lidburg would be cherished.

*Postcrossing friends in Poland: The poster series by Ryszard Kaja, "Plakaty z serii POLSKA" is a wonderful collection of the country.

Need ideas on what to write about:
Tell me what book you read lately and really enjoyed.
What is your favorite meal? My wife and I always try new recipes.
Where did you take your last vacation or holiday?
Who is your favorite musical artist? I listen to one new album/artist a day.
I don’t mind if a postcard arrives in an envelope. Actually, now that I’ve received so many damaged and mutilated cards I can understand why many Postcrossers prefer envelopes.
Please date your postcard, that would be great. Also, sign your card with your Postcrosser user name, just in case.

* 1,000th postcard sent 6/30/2016
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2,000th postcard sent 12/15/2017
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** Rue in Malaysia, your card reached me after traveling 1,001 days, sorry to old to register but a record slow card.

The journey is the adventure.
I look forward to your postcard!

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