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About Oodda...

Sa-was-dee ka (It is "hello" in Thai language), >∀<☆ヾ)

It is my pleasure to know people who love the world of postcard :)
So far postcard is one of my way to remind myself of place I have visited.
After I joined Postcrossing, postcard is also a way to explore the world.
I have received lots of surprise place, festival, food, and traditional costume
which I never seen before (not even imagine of). Now you can guess that
I already fall in love with the charm of postcrossing.

I do have a wishlist which is long (I accepted that^^")
If you have no time to have a look, I appreciate any vivid color postcard.
A request is that please no handmade, ad and folded card.
Please left card written, dated, without envelope.
In case that you have a feeling to go through my wish list, please find it as followed;

--- My wishlist ---

- Map card with cartoon remark
- Your city (Single view) in full bloom of cherry blossom, autumn, winter
- Unique things in your country (festival/food/animal)
- Santorini, Praha, Roma, Venice, London, Eiffel tower, New York
(even not sent from the original country is really welcomed :D)
- Dear Postcrosser from Japan
I once had good memories in Osaka, Kobe,
Kyoto, Himeji, Nara, Kanazawa and Shiragawa-go.
Any cards related to these cities are so kind of you :)
(Actually, wherever is great, I love Japan ^^!)

- Aurora (Natural light)
- gotochi, animal maximum card
- Totoro by Glibi studio, Moomin
- Roahl dalh-related card/stamp
- Victorian fashion
- Card by James Tissot, John William Waterhouse, Alphonse Mucha

- Hornbill, Polar bear
- "How to be British" card
- Jane Austen-related card
- Christmas postcard in December
-My favorite:
* http://www.flickr.com/photos/76006051@N05/favorites
* https://www.flickr.com/photos/76006051@N05/sets/72157629813535119/

Thank you
Have a great Postcrosser day! :)

My received collection (In case you would like to avoid a duplicate card)
* http://www.flickr.com/photos/76006051@N05/sets/

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