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About Celeste...

***Message for Vendela from Finland: many thanks for your beautiful postcard, I have received FI-3374859 on May 25th, 2020, but it was sent over 1 year ago and can no longer be registered.***

Hello there!

My name is Celeste and I'm 37 years old. I live in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, with my 16 years old son and 5 crazy lazy cats, which cause a lot of chaos, but are a lovely companions.
I was born in a small town and grew up in an even smaller village in the Central Bohemian Region.
There is a large part of Kokořínsko Landscape Park, being at the same time a UNESCO Biosphere Reservation. Another remarkable area is the Bohemian Karst, where the Koněprusy Caves are located.
I work as an accountant for many years, numbers are my life. My son is currently studying chemistry in high school.
I love nature, animals and I am involved in animal welfare issues and care for abandoned pets.
Reading is one of my favorite ways to relax. The time spend on a good book is never wasted.
I'm a little bit geek and enjoy comics, board games and everything about sci-fi and fantasy.
Deadly black coffee is something I can't live with out. My passion is stormy and rainy weather. I really adore the sounds of rain and the scent of air before storm.
When I'm not at work, I love spending time with friends and family or outdoors.

For those of you who love lists, here are some themes I like:

- handmade/self-printed postcards/photos (a lot of drawings, stickers, everything - I'm a big child)
- really old/antique postcards (doesn´t matter, what condition they are in)
- curious, morbid, unusual postcards (the more bizarre, the better)
- art of Zdzisław Beksiński, Zdeněk Burian, Glyn Smyth
- abandoned places, ruins, castles, burial grounds
- nature, landscape, forests, old trees
- National Geographic
- National parks
- botanical gardens
- history, archeology, museums
- trilobites, Paleozoic Era
- Guardians of the Galaxy
- What We Do in the Shadows
- LOTR, GOT, Star Trek
- Red Dwarf, Black Books
- Stranger Things
- Sandman/Neil Gaiman
- Discworld/Terry Pratchett
- Stephen King
- Simon's Cat, Creepy Cat
- nocturnal butterflies and moths (especially area of Sunda Islands)
- animals, cats (especially Abyssinian and Oriental Shorthair Cat)

BUT ANY CARD IS WELCOME: self-made cards or photos, non-standard dimensions, pieces of cereal boxes, food packaging, envelopes - everything is OK. I'll be glad, if you surprise me! :o)
PLEASE: don't just write "Happy Postcrossing" and that's it. I'd love to hear something about your daily life or maybe favorite film, book, music :o)

If it were possible for you, I would be infinitely grateful for any interesting stamps. I don't collect stamps themselves, but love to see them on correspondences - I perceive them as a kind of art :o)

Thank you for taking the time to send a postcard to me!

Live long and prosper!

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