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About Nathan...

Hello everyone! First and foremost, Postcrossing is about the discovery of new people and places. While I do have a wish list, this does NOT mean I'm not open to any other types of cards. I'd be happy to receive any card you have. Please don't apologize if you don't have anything on my "wish list." Whatever card you'd like to get is just peachy with me!
Please, PLEASE When you write the Postcard ID, write slowly and CAREFULLY. I can't tell you how many times I just can't figure out the ID. Thank you very much for this!

To my friends from POLAND, PLEASE consider mailing your postcards from Germany. I've read that once again your postal service is going to raise prices on international postcard stamps! Outrageous! I know many Postcrossers might be upset to get stamps from Germany instead of your country. But it's really just not okay for you to have to spend that much on stamps. I welcome Polish cards mailed from Germany!!

Despite my postcard interests and wishes, please do NOT feel bad if you don't have anything listed! Honestly, I will love any card you send to me. So please don't feel you have to apologize for what you send!

My name is Nathan. I live in the northeast part of The United States. I'm 47 and work for the Telephone Company. 28 years with the same company! Not something that happens too often anymore!

So, here is my new quest for received cards as of June 2021. Try your best to offend me. Go on, send the sickest, nude-est, craziest card you have. Got one you've had for years because you were afraid to send it?! That's for me!

I enjoy cards:
Beautiful flowers!
Recently I've been researching The DPRK (North Korea) and am quite fascinated! If you have anything related to North Korea, I'd be very excited!
Risque, nude, Adult, erotic or "mature" cards. Can't offend me!
"Campy" cards. You determine what that means to you!
Kitch of any and all kinds.
Photos of you! If you have a picture of yourself, send it in an envelope. I'd LOVE that!
Square cards!!! Or, odd shaped cards! Love those!!
WEIRD! The Weirder the better.
Post Office related cards
Abandoned roads or buildings
Urban decay and such
Electric company wires and telephone poles
Bad jokes or cards you have to wonder if you'll offend someone if you send them
Ordinary Photos of everyday life in your part of your country.
Or anything else you have. I welcome all cards.
I always register received cards the day I receive them. Thanks for your interest!
P.S. I want to apologize to the world for my country and trump. He has sadly set our country back many decades and we are now, well, the laughing stock of the world. I want to point out that the VAST majority of Americans do NOT agree with his hateful and insane views. Thank goodness we have a new president elected. President Biden will surly do much better. I mean, how can he do any WORSE!? Thank you for listening.
P.S. If you're curious about my avatar, just ask....

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