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About Miao_&_Mose...

Hello world!

I'm a PhD student, and my husband teaches at a local university. We live with our 2 bossy cats who wake us up every morning for breakfast. I'm a stamp collector. My other hobbies include mail art, playing piano, reading detective fictions. I adore animals (especially whales and sea otters), and I also love nature, classical music, and anything arty or cute.

Everyone has a limited selection of cards to send! I list the types of cards I like best below, and I list cards that I love but have not yet received in my "Favorites". Please don't apologize if you don't have anything relates to the list/Favorites--it's absolutely fine! :) I appreciate and look forward to receiving your card, reading your message, and seeing the stamps from where you live.

Please leave at least 2mm space between the stamp and the edges of the postcard (so they won't get damaged), or put the postcard in an envelope if it doesn't cost you extra. I will really, really appreciate it!

If you have any of the following postcard to spare, you will make me cry happy tears! With those hard to find postcards, I don't mind if the card was already used before you send it. Just put it in an envelop and write the ID on a note. :D

--Mainzer cats
--Blue Cats by Irina Zenyuk
--Illustration by Susan Wheeler/Molly Brett/Racey Helps
--cards published by Inkognito
--Other illustration cards
--Moomin (especially with Little My or Groke)
--From UK: Duchess of Cambridge; Classic Winnie the Pooh
--From 日本: 百鬼夜行(妖怪); あらいぐまラスカル; illustrations by Makoto Muramatsu
--Also, I love and collect beautiful stamps!

✒ I'm sorry, but for now I can't do direct swap unless you have a postcard from my Favorites, or special stamps that I don't have (like Europa stamps).

✒台灣的朋友:請不要寄天燈的明信片給我--放天燈對環境造成很大的傷害, 看了令人難過。

Received Thank-You/surprise card from:
USA (3)
Italy (1)
India (2)
Latvia (1)
China (3)
Russia (3)
Ireland (1)
Finland (2)
Taiwan (4)
Sweden (1)
Belgium (1)
Portugal (1)
Germany (4)
Åland Islands (1)
✈ ✈ ✈ Thank you so much!

Lost Postcards:

US-3515594 (Damocles)
US-3907948 (Dongzhou)
US-4191656 (Sunnie_Ming)
US-4378729 (LiXinyu)
US-4292881 (icysu)

US-3340684 (Evgenii)
US-3322230 (Jess_Reeves)
US-4120649 (Tiffani_and_Sam)
US-4126566 (Anna_Petrakova)
US-4325663 (JuliKim)
US-4545401 (Shersh)

US-3551145 (Flocke2010)
US-3898280 (annakath)
US-4318439 (Karakulschaf)

US-4161623 (soccer8s)
US-4227257 (trevorsaurus)
US-4237565 (emmahayes)

US-3311806 (Brky_28)
US-3954165 (birgulkamer)

US-3245024 (Katyshechka2005)
US-4280545 (Malina24)

US-3706751 (himitsu666)
US-4143144 (Fasevich_Anastasiya)

US-4526504 (Billwang)
US-4453349 (Rongna)

Austria: US-4243199 (malibugirl19)
Poland: US-3992408 (Misia__MM)
Thailand: US-3218952 (Salinampn)
Guernsey: US-4339965 (GuernseyGirl)
Cyprus: (lehvo2

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