Midlothian, United Kingdom

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About Helen...

Hello from Scotland!!!!

I live in Dalkeith (Scottish Gaelic: Dail Cheith) which is a small town in Midlothian, on the River Esk. Dalkeith has a population of 12,342. I live 45 minutes away from Edinburgh, Scotlands capital.

I was born in Essex and every year i go back home to visit my family in Hornchurch. Hornchurch is a small town in the London Bourgh of Havering. It has a population of 63,583.

I enjoy Jojo Moyes and Sophie Kinsella books. One of my favourite books is 'Cold' by John Smolens.

My favourite TV shows are Merlin and Grimm.

My favourite quote is; 'Free what's hidden!!'

I like surprises so all postcards are welcome............... But if you are stuck check out my favourites to get an idea.

Writing on postcard: You could tell me about your country, write your favourite Quote, recommend a book or tell me what TV/Film you like to watch. I would also like to know how you store your postcards.

Please get in touch if you would like to exchange postcards.

Thank's for all postcards.......

See you at the mail box !!!!!!!!

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