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Hello, my name is Marta and I’m 35 years old. I am originally from Moldova but moved to the United Kingdom in 2021. I’m new here😊
I love to travel ❤️ I have visited already around 10 countries😊
I’ve been a blood donor since 2013❤️
Also I love:
> Animals 🐶🐱🐨🐰🐼🐻🦁🐒🐣🐻‍❄️….
> Old architecture 🌉🏙️🌃
> Traditions and customs
> Good food 🍱
> Books 📚
> Wild nature 🏞️🏔️🏜️🛖🏕️🏖️
> Chocolate 🍫

I'll be happy to receive any postcards and discover the world and people through you🫶

P.S.: Unfortunately, sometimes, I forget to upload my cards before sending. I'd appreciate if you could upload them in case I forget it.

IMPORTANT: Please avoid sending me postcards via other online postcard makers due to data protection! I don't want third-party suppliers to know my address. Thanks for your understanding!

MD-74842 Russia 24/Jan/2024 (expired) ☹️

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