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About Marcel...

Hello Postcrosser=)

i am a (little) man who loves to write letters and postcards.
my biggest hobbies are watching and playing football/soccer, go out with friends, music, internet, loooooong sleep and much more.
i am pleased to receive many postcards.
Especially of :

Greetings from... Cards (POSTALLOVE)
Big attractions from your city or country,
large (football) stadiums
UNESCO-World- Heritage- cards,(
cruise ships
Formula1 race track-cards
large bridges
funny- or oversize- cards
But ALL OTHER POSTCARDS are welcome, too =)

Also, please sign the card and maybe
put the date on it.

Aus Deutschland mag ich sehr gerne die länglichen typischen Touristenkarten (Briefformat) :)


If you sent me a thank-you card, pls write down my ID or your Nickname, thanks!


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PS: If you have sent a postcard to me for a long time (more than 50 days) and I haven't register it, pls write me.

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