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About Martina...

I am Martina, but my close friends call me Macík. I live in a small town called Rychnov nad Kněžnou with my boyfriend Honza and our dog, Arkan. I would like to travel all around the world and visit as many countries and places as possible - so please, show me your country on postcards!

This is the list of things which would make me most happy to find in my mailbox:
- aerial views
- landmark / activity typical for your country

I am especially looking for:
- new 7wonder of the world: Chichen Itzá pyramid, Machu Picchu, Colosseum in Rome, Petra in Jordan
- Greetings from cards from Postallove (my collection:

My hobbies are:
- my work (family genealogy - family trees, and history of the families or the houses they lived in)
- hiking with "my boys" - my boyfriend and our dog Arkan,
- historic ship replicas - observing them at the festivals, and helping to run the museum of the czech tallship "La Grace" (,
- scouting (not so active since I moved from my hometown),
- geocaching,
- water sports, ...

What I love: deep forests, wild mountains, peaceful rivers, windy sea, tallships, old books, foreign languages, my garden, puzzles and quizes, fantasy and mytology, strong black coffee, spicy hot chocolate, chilli peppers, summer storms, view from above, observing the flames (or river stream), and to imagine my dragons :)

Please, add a few words in your own language! If your mother tongue is German or Spanish, please - don't choose english for writing the card :) I would also like to get cards with some sentences in Italian or Russian language.

my favorites: (If you have a profile on facebook, feel free to contact me there - it makes swapping much easier ;) )

I also collect teabags, and I am always willing to swap :)

You can see many of my postcards here (both offer & collection):

Looking forward for your card,
Martina - Maciiik

Expired postcards:
CZ-353764 to whitneywang1994 (China), sent 29.10.2013 (CARD WAS DELETED FROM POSTCROSSING)
CZ-370434 to Mimihoney (USA), sent 2.12.2013 (DELETED)
CZ-555744 to CaptainChaos (Nederlands), sent 30/Nov/2014 (DELETED)
CZ-557741 to JJESSICA (China), sent 3/Dec/2014 (DELETED)
CZ-585045 to micdundy (Germany), sent 26/Jan/2015 (DELETED)
CZ-677039 to Rogi23 (Russia), sent 17/Jul/2015

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