MaTaJah, United Kingdom

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About MaTaJah...

We are a multicultural home-schooling family, living in London.

We LOVE Postcrossing as it is an exciting way to learn about geography, new countries and new cultures, so we would love it if you could include interesting / fun facts about your city / country or write something in your language on your card.

If possible, we would really like cards showing something specific to your area:

*your city, region or country
*culture / traditions

(Special requests if possible:
USA: Please send us a view from your city or State, or Native Americans
Netherlands: tulips, windmills, bicycles
Australia: Uluru, Aboriginal art, Kangaroos, Koalas)
Germany: Castles)

Please send a card you would be happy to receive yourself, thank you!

Only make sure your card is CHILD-FRIENDLY, as it is the kids' pleasure to go and check the mail for postcards everyday, thank you :)
And NO ad-cards please :)

Thank you and happy Postcrossing!
Malik (8 years old), Tasnim (5), Jannah (1!) and Astrid, their French mum <3

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