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About Klaus...

Hello, I am Klaus.
I'm living in the beautiful town of Düsseldorf on the River Rhine.
I would really very, very much like cards with photos of ANY animals as cute as I am, but please NO spiders (I have arachnophobia). I am afraid of them and even of their picture!
My favourite animals are pandas, reptiles and cats... :)
I'm in love with the blue (and other) cats by Irina Zeniuk...♥
But, please, only real postcards, no photos, handmade, recycled greeting cards or ad/free cards, also not old/vintage cards, please...

Unwritten in an envelope or written and stamped - do as you like, both is ok for me.

Oh, and I like beautiful stamps.

But, please: DO NOT send me anything by registered letter!!! Usually I am not here when the postman delivers the mail, so I have to drive through half of the town to the main post office to pick it up - always a journey of 1,5 to two hours! A huge loss of time!!!

And yes-that's me in the avatar... :-) I am cute, am I not?

Expired cards: Yes.