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About Kirsten...

nice to meet you! Here is a middle-aged woman who likes to send and receive postcards to/from strangers. It is just a simple piece of cardboard which sweetens the day.
My home is quite colourful and I really am a fan of strong colours. F. e. I like yellow cups and teapots or red coffee mugs and musli-bowls.
All in all green is the colour I like most as it represends nature and life in general for me and hope.
In my leisure time I enjoy reading and I follow the political news on the radio, too.
If I could I would travel more often, but with a school-child and few vacation days and because of this and that it is not possible, so it is always interesting to see how it looks like where other postcrossers live.
And I like all kinds of art very much and my cats and old things and I´m a bit old fashioned, too - now I almost forgot that I love to listen to music, ehm, somewhere stuck in the 80ies . :) I miss the tapes we used to exchange with friends with our favourite music.

tut mir nicht leid, dies hier schreiben zu müssen: ich finde es wirklich blöd, wenn Karten innerhalb Deutschlands erst nach über einer Woche registriert werden - dann kann man sich auch mal abmelden/auf inaktiv setzen :(

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