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JJV, Netherlands


(or Jj) is a member in Netherlands . He has been a member for over 8 years (3,026 days).
7,484 sent 7,496 received

  • Distance sent: 14,059,151 miles
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  • Languages: Nederlands, English, Deutsch .. petit peux de frencais
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  • 5th on most postcards sent from Netherlands
  • 11th on longest distance sent from Netherlands
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About Jj...

Sorry, but RU-3273804 was sent over 1 year ago and can no longer be registered. ( i realy loved the artwork on the back though )

(Disclaimer):I signed up because my parents (retired and >70) are huuuuge stamp-collectors.. and i (born 1970) like to surprise them now and then.
So my main intrest is to 'the STAMPS'. People write often they fear their stamps are not 'new', don t be afraid. exchanging stamps keeps them socialy active. (/disclaimer ending)
My Name is JJV, I like cards that are weird, strange, unusual, wacky or just funny or humourous.
(ad cards or home made are welcome. I'd favour an ad card over a really touristic one anyday. i m totally ok with stuff in envelopes too)
I was asked about this, why i ask for bizar cards.. well.. i guess even an ugly card can be exciting. .. some become beautiful in their uglyness.

For idees you could check my fav's, but when "unusual" is too vague for you try cards with:

* Fox(es)
* Street-art/ Grafity, punk etc
* asian art (modern or traditional)
* steampunk (or 18/19th century machinary)
* guess i have some morbid interest in skulls and the likes.. or dinosaurs.
* Popart (feel free to include comics to this entry.)
* fantasy/surreal art (Escher, Dali, Magrite, Shupliak etc)
* .. and optical illusions
* collages (people have sent me random pieces of cardboard covered with used stamps. my parents love those .. , be gentle with tape and paint if you would. i d even be ok with an envelop just stuffed with used stamps)
* multiples (nouvelle images) & 3d cards
* propaganda posters (think old Sovjet, WO II or Jugendstill)
* James Bond, drWho, Startrek, StarWars, GalaxyQuest, Firefly, BigBangTheory, LotR, HarryPotter, TinTin (kuifje, in Dutch) etc
(a good (local) Blockbuster postercard will do just as well)

* a funny "engrish" card. (i've seen cards that have proverbs or slogans that LOOK English, but totally say something else)

or just sent that card you'd never thought you'd sent.

Please,don t use Touchnote cards (no stamp and they missuse privacy info) don t use postage-payed stickers when possible either.. i like to receive real stamps.
(Special thanks to all those people sending rare or special issue stamps till now. I'm realy impressed by the extra effort some people put into it. Thanks for reading this profile by the way, i can tell lots of people don't if your cards says you worry i'd like it .. by reading the profile you're OK in my book anyway, whatever card you sent)

Latest profile change... after a card from Fiji i ve been in contact with 95 regions.
Thanks to you all!