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About Iolair...

I was born in Scotland, but have lived all my adult life in London (England).
I love the hustle and bustle of London and the great theatre and concerts and exhibitions here.
However, I also enjoy the peace and quiet and the wonderful scenery when I go back to Scotland!
Which I do regularly. So I'm lucky; I have the best of both worlds.

My name - Iolair - is the gaelic word for eagle. IolairDhubh is a golden eagle in the area of Scotland I am from, though in other parts it's a black eagle. I thought of having an eagle as my avatar, but eagles are fierce looking creatures, and all the images I could find were rather intimidating. If you saw any of those pictures, you wouldn't want to send me a postcard ! ! !

I particularly like postcards showing paintings or sculptures or other items exhibited in your country's galleries.
Alternatively I would like cards that are only available where you live.
And, hey, if you have a card with a picture of an eagle on it, send it to me!
But really, my friend, whatever you send is absolutely fine. Just fine.
Send me your favourite postcard (telling me why it's your favourite).

Please, unless this is difficult for you, write more than 'Happy Postcrossing'.
If you can't think of anything in particular to write, then just tell me why you chose the card you did.
I am so enjoying this postcrossing enterprise. I hope you are too.
People, be happy.

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