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About Haven...

I'm a 10th grade girl (second year of high school) and live in Kenosha, WI in the United States.

I LOVE to read; my favorite poet is Edgar Allan Poe and my favorite authors are Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Erin Hunter and Rick Riordan. AND I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!

I'm currently reading A LOT about WW2 so ANYTHING on that topic would be amazing. When reading about history, I always like to find out the perspective of "the other"; people who were there but not necessarily focused on historically.

I am CRAZY about playing Volleyball! Really, I eat, sleep and breathe it!

I love animals of all kinds but especially love wolves, chevrotains (mouse-deer) and SLOTHS. When I grow up, I'd like to be a doctor/veterinarian so I can own a hospital where people who are sick or need surgery/treatments can bring their pets with them while they recover. I have a rescue Border Collie/Black Lab named "Cinder." I am passionate about rescuing dogs! I CANNOT STAND TO LOOK AT AN ANIMAL BEING HARMED! Even if the card shows a hunting/predator situation, PLEASE save it for someone else; it's traumatizing to me.

People think because I'm 15, I might not care that much about politics but I do and am very involved with my family in politics. The 2016 presidential election is the last one I'll have to sit out because I'll turn 18 right before the 2020 elections!!!! I'm looking forward to exercising my right to vote!

I know I will love EVERY postcard I get but I'll provide a list of the ones I'm wishing for the most!

-pictures of dog/animal rescues/shelters from other countries/states
-Chevrotains (Mouse-Deer)
-dogs (especially Black Labs)
-Scary movies/classic horror movies
-Morgan Freeman
-Edgar Allan Poe
-Cryptozoology (Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, Jersey Devil, etc.)
-oceans/bodies of water
-anything having to do with reading
-music (I play piano, guitar, ukelele, violin and sing)
-The Walking Dead
-I'm not embarrassed to say I still love Scooby Doo and the gang!

*I don't like long lists of "DON'T SEND..." so I don't have one but I will say that I don't really care for Disney postcards.

I can't wait to get your postcard!

**Haven's mom here: no inappropriate postcard images like violence (other than your average Zombie gore, LOL), nude people, etc. please! Thanks so much!**

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