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I love being outdoors (even when it’s raining as I love the sound rain makes) I also garden and have my own allotment, I am not sure if England is the only country to have allotments, never thought about that really. I am also amateur Herbalist which I really enjoy even though the odd person calls me a witch.
I love to paint though I wouldn’t call myself and artist, I love to read which can be good and bad as I would rather stay in and read a book than go out with friends sometimes. I also write quite a bit and I am currently trying to finish my first novel (but failing).
I love tea and drink all flavours/types (apart from chai tea) I can’t stand coffee but love the smell of it, I don’t drink much but I have developed a taste for tequila recently.
I am a Trekkie and proud (and I especially love Star Trek postcards), I love all sci-fi movies and dc/marvel comics (apart from Green Lantern)I suppose should be classed a bit of a nerd but who cares!
I love cats but I would love to own a dachshund one day.
I am also a Birdwatcher which is just about starting to become an obsession (its hard to stop once you have started)
This is starting to get a bit long now so I will leave it at that :)
On a separate note if you are a member of a WI I would be very grateful if you could contact me, as the group I am a member of are looking to find women who are members of international Women’s Institutes, thank you.

Oh, I love postcards that show :-
home town, city / country
wild birds
Charlie Chaplin
Star Trek
Adam Lambert
Comic books (marvel/DC)
Anime - Fairy Tail, Cardcaptor, Chobits, Tsubasa
Old freak show posters
But any card is welcome :D , but PLEASE, NO ad-card!
Thank you :-)

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