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About Mary...

Hello, my name is Mary,

I was born in London but now live in Suffolk, England. Married with two grown up children I am enjoying retirement. I love the time it gives me to learn new things, take up new interests and pursue my hobbies. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, reading, researching my family history, watching sport (especially tennis and snooker) on television and of course Postcrossing.

One of the nicest parts of Postcrossing is choosing and sending a postcard to someone. I love to read Postcrossers list of wishes. I buy postcards from all corners of the UK and now have a huge stock so hopefully I will choose the right card for you.

Not sure what to send me. Here are some of my favourite things.

I prefer singleviews please.

If you live in or travel to a beautiful or exotic place I would love a view card please. If you can add to my collection of beautiful places I am happy even if it doesn't come from the country of origin. Please see my collection to avoid duplicates. http://www.flickr.com/photos/71476090@N08/collections/

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Glaciers or Icebergs
Amazing rock formations - by the sea or inland
Buildings with domes or spires
Famous iconic buildings - especially .....
St Louis Arch, the Torri of Japan,
Sibelius Monument in Helsinki .......
Arches - natural formation or made by man
Steps, Stairs or Staircases
Roses, Wisteria, Edelweiss
Trees, Blossom
Keep Calm cards
Aurora Borealis
Russian dolls (Matryoshka)
Sunrise and sunset
Snow scenes
City views at night time
Dance (especially Latin American)
Masks, Carnival
Royalty (past and present)
Emperors, Presidents, World Leaders (past and present)
Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama
Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day
Popes and other religious leaders
Sand - Deserts and Dunes
People in traditional dress
People in Uniform
Postallove - Greetings from ..... cards. For cards already in my collection please see -

A card from my Favourites Gallery. The cards in this gallery are all ones I would love to receive so any card from here would be great.

Please respect my privacy. Please do not send me Touchnote cards and please do not give my name and address to advertising companies.

I would prefer not to receive Art/Painting cards please or Ad cards, free cards, greetings cards (folded ones), photographs, old/vintage/yellow cards, homemade/selfmade cards or cards showing babies/children. (The Anne Geddes type cards) Thank you for understanding.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

September 29th. 2016

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