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About Dzieger...

Dzieger-- Born on July 7th, 2010 so any birthday cards is welcome May June July and August 😊
I like robots, trains, Tom and Jerry and spaceships, outer space, and Doraemon, Krtek, Moomins and Gundam, airplanes!

Tita Ben--born June 9th, 1990
I am a human slave to my dogs and my nephew, all are annoyingly adorable (and just plainly annoying) I use my meager accountant salary for coffee, stamps and dog food and treats 😅

We'll definitely love everything that comes to our mail but if given a chance, we'd like to get postcards that show:
- maps -- of your city or region or country or continent, formal or a funny one or artistically done
-sunrise or night sky or sunsets etc
-anything to do with water (lighthouses, boats, ships, oceans, lakes etc)
-Queen and Led Zeppelin! I grew up listening to Queen and LZ and I'm sharing this greatest band of all time with my little nephew. His favorite is Radio Ga Ga which also is the first Queen song I had heard when I was his age.
-Doraemon, Krtek, Moomins or any cartoon characters

Please write Dzieger a message or a piece of advice or valuable life's lessons. Thank you! 😊

Dzieger's Aunt Ben
Updated February 3, 2019.
02 Jan 2021
Hi! Thanks for reading my profile. Hope everything is well with you and your loved ones.

I may have written my return address but it's only if in case it has issues with getting to its destination so I do not expect a reply.

Wish you a kinder, healthier, and happier new year!


Dzieger's Aunt Ben

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