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Dars, Russia


(or Darina) is a member in Russia . She has been a member for over 4 years (1,742 days).
161 sent 159 received

  • Distance sent: 413,575 miles
  • Last seen: 4 days ago
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  • Languages: Russian, English
  • Birthday: 6th May 1994 (24 years old)
  • Interested in direct swaps: Yes Click to learn more about direct swaps
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Lat: 53.20, Lon: 50.15 | Google Maps

About Darina...

I'm interested in theater, literature, music and cinema. And I like the handmade ornaments (not only wear, but also to produce them itself. I have my own public page in Russian social network: ). In addition, I collect various small items received from countries in which I've never been. If you send a postcard in an envelope, then you could not put in there something? For example a coin, calendars, favorite tea bag, stamps, a small magnet or other souvenir?
The options are many. Though this is not necessary c:
p.s. At presence of the return address on an envelope with a souvenir, I was always sending a letter of thanks with a small gift inside.

Now the main thing. Especially welcome postcard with the image of:

♥Doctor Who;
♥Twin Peaks;
●The X-Files;
●Marvel Comics;
●Star Wars;
♥Everything connected with Stephen King and screen adaptations of his novels. Especially I will be glad to anything relating to "The Stand" and "The Dark Tower";
●Local attractions and symbols;
♥Postcards "Vogue" and other fashion magazines;
●Animals: chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits, foxes, owls and pandas;
●Sweets: ice cream, cake, candy, milkshakes, jellies, etc;
●Bright flowers and fruits;
●Sailing ships;
♥Christmas and New Year (if you send in December);
♥Postcard "Happy Birthday" (if you send in April-May).

I will not be offended if you send me something that is not in my wishlist. And I'm not against homemade cards and advertising (if they are really beautiful and high quality. But please do not send me just an ordinary cardboard pieces, if you have no postcards! I will not register such because I always try to send beautiful things and in exchange want to be approximately the same. Everything must be honest. Why should I get trash when I send good postcards to the addresses are that I come across?).
Please do not send me what you do not want to get themselves.
It would be great if you write on the card the name of your favorite song, movie or book. I like to discover something new and get to know people, so I would gladly listened / watched or read what you tell me

P.s. I do not like postcard on the subject of religion, eroticism and anime. Sorry.