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kennethmiller, United States of America
posted over 1 year ago

oh yea, JUST AS YOU CALCULATED, it arrived on Saturday October 1, WORLD POST CARD DAY! I sent out four cards this morning, all to Germany. One of my other 6 traveling postcrossing cards could be registered today. There is still a chance!

kennethmiller, United States of America
posted over 1 year ago

It is hard to calculate when a postcard will arrive. I mailed three cards to one person on the same day.... a neighbor living in 15212, I live in 15214, she got the first one a week ago and the other two arrived today. Go figure.

Poste, United States of America
Poste Postcrossing Supporter said:
posted over 1 year ago

I mailed two today, one to Finland and one to Taiwan. It had not occurred to me to try for any to deliver today, thanks for the idea in planning for next year. Yesterday was my brother Jack's Birthday and I mailed him one to Mexico. When I spoke with him by phone, he told me he had just received my postcard that we mailed during his visit last February. I have another postcard that the postcrosser preferred in an envelope, so I added my return address and after nine months in-route to Romania, and still not received or returned. Always hopeful anyway.
Happy World Postcard Day!

Arhel, Germany
Arhel said:
posted over 1 year ago

Good calculation! XD

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