Is Postcrossing suitable for collectors?

Yes, and no!

Yes, you can receive many postcards from all around the world. In fact, some postcrossers are longtime postcard and/or stamp collectors and their collections have become much more interesting by participating in Postcrossing.

But, no, the goal of this project is not for collectors to complete their collections. Postcrossing is more than just the postcards - we celebrate the diversity of our world through the postal connections enabled between two random people. Not knowing which postcard you will get or where it will come from is part of what makes the experience interesting.

So, if you are a collector you are welcome to join us! But, please keep in mind that:

  • You cannot choose where your postcards will come from. That will be randomly selected by Postcrossing.
  • You should expect to receive all kinds of different postcards, and these probably won't represent just the themes you're most interested in. You're welcome to describe what you're interested in via your profile, which we show to the members selected to send postcards to you, but the sender doesn't have to comply. You still have to register all postcards you receive, even if they don't match your personal preferences or taste.
  • All postcards you receive will be written and stamped. Postcrossing is not to collect blank postcards as there is always some communication (in the postcard) from the sender to the receiver.

Postcrossing can transform your mailbox into a box of surprises: embrace the diversity and let yourself be surprised!

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