Can I have more than one account?

Postcrossing does not welcome multiple accounts per person. The project is designed with safety and fairness in mind and for that, certain limits have been applied to each account. By having more than one account, those restrictions no longer apply, creating several problems for other members and for Postcrossing as well.

For example, we can no longer make sure that any two people do an exchange only once, and it is harder for a receiver to know which account they should register a postcard with, etc. It also creates imbalances in the address selection system, which is unfair to other members.

We do understand that members are very enthusiastic about participating in Postcrossing (and we love that!) and that sometimes they would like to send and receive more postcards than our system allows them to with a single account — which is why the limit of postcards each account can send at the same time increases over time.

For any postcrosser wishing to exchange more postcards than their own account allows, we recommend to:

  • Organize direct swaps with other members. Or, do other types of postcard exchanges on the forum, where many other members would be happy to exchange with you.
  • Be a little bit more patient! The amount you can send at the same time will increase, and soon enough you will find that you can send more than you can handle (or afford).

We occasionally tolerate that one person holds more than one account if within a reasonable amount, and only if we see strong evidence of proper usage. But, we still do not welcome such practices and we strongly discourage anyone from doing it. Postcrossing monitors the project for multiple accounts held by a single person, and we reserve the right to delete any such accounts without warning.

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