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About Yap...

Hello and glad that you have found me at last!

I am 40 now but happy in life. My hobbies are traveling, watching TV, listening to music, shopping, wandering etc. I like collecting stamps, coins, postcards and Starbucks gift cards. I prefer postcards that describe



3)Cartes d Art from France

4)The design of Commemorative Stamp/Maxicard, Post Box, special pictorial postmark or post related

5)Royal Families

6)Lali - Magali Membré, Charis Bartsch

7)Edition Tausendschön

8)Atelier Nouvelles Images, multiple objects, szazszorkep from Hungary or similarly

9)Lantern Press from USA

10)Postcards on my favourite wall

Please check the links to avoid the repeat card, thanks! Prefer NO self made and taobao (淘宝) postcards. Stick nice stamp(s) will be bonus:-) Please briefly write about yourself or story behind the postcard. If you visited Penang before, share your travel experience. If you are planned going Penang in future, you can let me know.

P/s: I am looking coins on America the Beautiful Quarters (with circle framed) to complete my collection. So far I wish for
and Maja the Bee puzzle stamp sheet from Austria
Let me know what you wish in return.

***From 26th May till 8th June, I will visit to Norway and Sweden. I will register your postcards as soon as I come back. If you would like to recommend what I should do in Oslo, western Norway and west coast Sweden, your suggestion is warmly welcome :)***

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