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About Sanita...

Hi! My name is Sanita. I live in beautiful country near Baltic sea - Latvia. I like to travel a lot, but there is no option for me to travel all around the world. Yet :)

So far I have visited 13 countries - LT, EE, UA, PL, SK, DE, BE, GE, IT, ES, CH, HU, HR.

As I start to receive same postcards twice, you may check all my collection (by themes) here -

If you do not know what type of postcard to send, here will be some tips (if you do not have any of these, please do not worry - I register all postcards I receive):

* cats, horses, foxes, ladybugs, snails, mice, hamsters, hedgehogs - my favorite animals
* art (your local artists or world-famous-historical paintings). I like Art Nouveau the most, but, as I have studied culture and art history, then I will enjoy any type of art-related postcard
* your national flag, country map, specific thing from your country/city which you are proud of
* ballet related postcards (when I was a child I dream to become a balley dancer) or tango/flamenco related postcards.
* mithological creatures (like unicorns or mermaids)
* people - Madonna (singer), Merlyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly
* Game of Thrones
* "Greetings from..." by Postallove
* fashion
* funny, colorful or unusual postcards
* any postcard from my Favorite list

I am not big fan of:

- cards in envelopes (I would like to have stamp on the card)
- advertisement cards or any organization cards
- self-made cards
- flowers
- religious cards/politics related cards/war related cards
(please keep them for the people who like such themes)

My expired cards (12):

LV-303135 to buarch (Russia) sent 15.06.18.
LV-304098 to primani (Czechia) sent 27.06.18.
LV-304706 to hoppy1 (USA) sent 03.07.18.
LV-309407 to irina_e (Russia) sent 18.08.18.
LV-318767 to Anikapost (Aizerbaijan) sent 13.11.18.
LV-321070 to annaalthea (Philippines) sent 03.12.18.
LV-322853 to HongMi (Germany) sent 19.12.18.
LV-324278 to Areoka (Russia) sent 05.01.19.
LV-324280 to weijiahan (China) sent 05.01.19.
LV-324307 to jieun_hun (Hugary) sent 05.01.19.
LV-324354 to MhizumeM (Japan) sent 05.01.19.
LV-330077 to tanyamoon (Russia) sent 03.03.19.

Gone for good 30 postcards

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