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About Seo_ha_jeong...

Hello! I am Seo ha jeong, 21 y.o girl from South Korea.
Seo is my family name, so my own name is Hajeong.

Hajeong means 'blooming lotus with sunshine', and this is what I strive to be. The lotus blooms in muddy waters but remains its own purity, yet retaining its connectedness to the world around it as the lotus roots form a network underwater. Quite Buddhistic, X) but I'm not a Buddhist although I'm interested in various religious cultures and customs. I am a pretty passionate person, who is eager to hear, learn and experience your world. Nice to meet you all.

I love all postcards from you(but not low-quality handmade, ad, or porn)

But if you want to know which kinds of postcards I especially like;

- About rights: Vote, Feminism, LGBT pride, human rights, Disability, Veganism...
- Postcards from 100 postcard boxes/postcard book
- Lotus flower
- Image which shows the past and present of something
- Book/author related. I'm a book lover.
- About your Country/city / City view(Both of night&morning)
- I am a fan of MUCHA illust, and other worldwide illustrators
- Beautiful illust
- Keep calm and ~ series
- Watercolor illust
- Vintage
- on October, a Happy birthday card is welcome
- on proper seasons, Christmas and new year cards are also welcome

Wishlist above is just for your information, so plz don't limit your imagination into the list.

And if you want to know about me...

- I like traveling, collecting stamps and postcards, reading books.
- I love deco stationery, like washi tapes, stickers, deco papers...
- I am now a sophomore student at university, double-majoring in international studies and gender studies, minoring in law studies(I know, it's a lot!)
- I have been China(twice), Japan(4 times), France, Italy, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam(twice), Philippines and so on.

I am not a banknote/ticket/poster collector. :)

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