is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 6,322,800 habitants. The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek.
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1. Nichka3, Kyrgyzstan Nichka3
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2. Rusti, Kyrgyzstan Rusti
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3. anna-kg, Kyrgyzstan anna-kg
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4. Tamarillys, Kyrgyzstan Tamarillys
123 postcards sent
5. A1911, Kyrgyzstan A1911
113 postcards sent
6. iSuluunya, Kyrgyzstan iSuluunya
94 postcards sent
7. etoilee, Kyrgyzstan etoilee
90 postcards sent
8. MaryGD, Kyrgyzstan MaryGD
87 postcards sent
9. elrub, Kyrgyzstan elrub
78 postcards sent
10. Adilet, Kyrgyzstan Adilet
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elrub, Kyrgyzstan Milori, Kyrgyzstan Nichka3, Kyrgyzstan MaryGD, Kyrgyzstan Gulza, Kyrgyzstan Aikanysh, Kyrgyzstan
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