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From joyful Brazil, meet Karina, a journalist from São Paulo who started collecting postcards after joining Postcrossing. Sounds familiar?

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

In 2005 I read in “O Estado de S. Paulo” newspaper about Postcrossing and I decided to try this new experience. I always liked to swap letters with my friends before the 'e-mails age’ and I missed to receive mail with lots of things… So the Postcrossing project was great for me! I didn’t collect postcards before Postcrossing but I already liked to buy them in my trips.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

My main hobby now is Postcrossing, but I’m also addicted to books. And I love french movies.

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

Postcard albums

Show & tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

This is one of my favourite and special postcards. I’ll explain: I got married last year and I put this information in my official profile and in the forum too. So, many people sent me postcards with nice wishes and greetings. It’s great and I was very very very happy :) People in Postcrossing have big hearts!


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Last month the Brazilian Postcrossers organized a meetup in São Paulo to know each other and share their postcards. We asked Karina to tell us how it all went. Here’s what she said:

The Postcrossing meetup in São Paulo on February the 8th was quite fun. We have setup everything through the Postcrossing forum and the Postcrossing Orkut community and we were all very anxious for the day to come. I already knew a few of the people from the last year meetup, but most people were new members, all very interested in making friends and talking about postcards, swaps and their stories.

We arrived at Villa Lobos park around 10am and we all met at the entrance. We waited for the group to gather together and then we went to find a place in the shade since it was very hot – it’s summer in Brazil.

(More photos here, here and here)

It was quite funny because we sat in a place close to a group of American football players and at the beginning we were a bit scared with the balls but they soon moved away and we could enjoy each others postcard collections. We sat on the grass and we spent most of the morning commenting on the postcards and telling their stories. Everyone took something for the picnic and everyone shared. I made a cake that didn’t come out that well but nobody complained :).

In the afternoon we had an unexpected rain shower and we had to ran for cover to save the postcards. We stayed there for a while till the rain went away and then we resumed the chitchat and page turning of the postcard albums.

The meetup was lots of fun, I loved meeting all the Postcrossers that participated and I hope we’ll make another meetup soon. It’s great to spend some pleasant hours talking with people who have a common interest.

Participated in this meetup: kazinhabueno, Paula_LC, andreaeiko, vbformig, Fernanda, aleoliva86, felipee, justnunu, falavigna and jp33.

Thank you Karina! We confess, here at the Postcrossing headquarters we are envious of such a great sunny weather! We can’t wait for Spring to arrive.

There are more meetups to come! If you want to meet Postcrossers, exchange stories and postcards, and have an exciting day, here’s a list of the upcoming gatherings you can attend:

13–15th March
Finland, Tampere
20–22th March
Germany, Würzburg
31st May
Portugal, Coimbra
29th August
Finland, Helsinki – International Postcrossing Meetup 2009

Have fun!


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