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Я горжусь тем, что ЛГБТ.

Thank you for sending me a postcard! :) I'll love anything you send (ad, free & handmade too) but here are my favorites:

1.) Maps, flags, monuments, architecture, famous sites, old ruins esp. castles; traditional dress, crafts & food; religious places & related items such a nazar, rosaries, symbols, etc. Holiday cards are welcome!

2.) Nature scenery (forests, rivers & lakes) or animals esp. horses, wolves, elephants, hawks, ravens, or zoo & circus cards.

3.) Saints, Kings & Queens, Princes & Princesses, Gods & Goddesses, esp. Queen Elizabeth I & II of England, Virgin of Guadalupe, any Black Madonnas, Inanna-Ishtar, Durga, Narasimha, and all forms of Kali.

4.) Mysterious things: witches (brujas/hexen), trolls, fairies, djinn, Baba Yaga, Bean Sidhe, La Llorona, Nessie, etc. Fairy tales, myths, also dinosaurs!

5.) I'm very interested in my family history. I have ancestors from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Canada (French & Huron), France, Germany, Scotland, and England. I welcome any cards that relate to national pride or history in these places.

** What to write? The author & title of the book you're reading, or a good movie you've seen, what the weather's like today, what holiday you recently celebrated, or anything else you wish to tell me.

** Other things I love are reading, going to Renaissance Faire, nature & cemetery photography, hiking in the woods, drinking coffee, military planes, and Shakespeare. I collect Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes & postcards, fabric scraps, lavender soap, wind chimes, crow feathers, & tattoos (on myself).

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