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(or Olga) is a member from Russia Russia. She has been a member for over 4 years (1485 days).
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Speaks: Russian, English (read Ukrainian, Belarusian, Spanish)
Birthday: 25th May
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About Olga...

Hello fellow Postcrosser!!

I'm Olga. I live in a village in south of Russia. I love reading, listening to the music, watching movies (at home or at cinema) and some TV series, walking and talking. I like postcrossing, both sending and receiving))

!!! If you send from the rare countries (with 5 or less digits in their ID) please send me something typical about the country (for example a citiview, landscapes:)

About view cards: please if you send it, may you choose CARD ACCORDING TO COUNTRY OF SENDING you're sending from (like US view with US stamps sent from USA, no matter what ID number is).

And please SINGLE view if possible.

If you wish to make me jump to the ceiling you may send a card from these kinds:

- British movies, series (Doctor Who, Merlin, Harry Potter, Sherlock BBC, Life On Mars (if they exist:) and so on,
- Dragons,
- squirrels, owls, foxes,
- hedgehogs, penguins, raccoons, bears etc., snails, but please NOT snakes,
- anything related to Sherlock Holmes,
- Alice in Wonderland illustrations,
- anything about Great Britain and its culture,
- actors, musicians, films, series,
- Miyazaki's films,
- twins/reflections (and Gemini),
- Moomins,
- black / white, b&w with touch of colour,
- funny postcards,
- cloudy sky, sea/river, mountains,
- Jetoy, Makoto Muramatsu,
- related to books, reading, reading women,
- music,
- space, planets, Moon, etc.,
- Van Gogh, Waterhouse, Kinkade,
- smth. your place is famous for (e. g. historical places, national costumes etc.),
- or you may lookinmy favourites galllery to have a hint what to send.


These are not demands, i love receiving most of cards! i wrote the list only to help you in choice.

* multi-view cards (with many small images on card),
* ad cards if they are not connected to my interests,
* and old, damaged cards.
Thank you for understanding!

Some cards sorted by collections: http://picasaweb.google.com/100017312594060938372/

And please write something on card, about you, place/object pictured on postcard, or weather in your place, or traditions, or fave book and so on, maybe a phrase in your native language with translation (and how it sounds with Eng. letters if possible). I don't know what I like more: watching pictures or reading your messages.

I like unenveloped postcards but if it's more comfortable to send in envelope, it's okay.
Please handwritten and stamped))

I write my address at postcards, I do this not because i request a return postcard - just to know if they weren't delivered, they return.

If possible, please use real stamps))
I would be the happiest person in world if you have one of those Doctor Who and Harry Potter stamps :)

Thank you for reading all that stuff

Happy Postcrossing!!!

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