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is a member in Taiwan Taiwan. She has been a member for over 4 years (1480 days).
Distance Sent: 2,036,842 miles
Last Seen: about 23 hours ago
Speaks: Chinese,English
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About Sandra_Lee...

My name is Sandra.

Apart from collecting postcards, I like travelling, and it is impossible to see all the wonders of the world, so getting postcards from many of those places (and places I did not even know existed) makes me feel I have almost been there.

I love all the cards from all countries.

I like Moomin, if you are from Finland, I want to receive the Moomin postcards

I'll think of world flags postcards to, if you can, please give me the flag of your country.

If you like the postcard I sent, you can also pass messages to me, and welcome the exchange.

If you can read Chinese.
My address details as following:
71748 台南市仁德區北保一街89號1樓 TAIWAN

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