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(or Oleksandr) is a member in Ukraine Ukraine. He has been a member for over 3 years (1321 days).
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Speaks: Ukrainian, Russian, English
Birthday: 30th August 1981 (32 years old)
Interested in direct swaps: Yes

37th on most postcards sent from Ukraine
41st on longest distance sent from Ukraine

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Good news - we'll have wedding soon! On the 16th of November I will marry the most wonderful woman in whole all over the world and the world of poscrossing in particular!

We would be glad to receive greeting postcard.
We - that's I and Olga -

And once more about the date - 2013/11/16 :)


Once upon a time there were three little pigs...
Oh, sorry, that the beginning of the another story:)

So, once at the very beginning of my postcrossing story I was given an address Olga from Russia, Moscow. I sent her a postcard and wrote my address for direct-swap. We had swapped occasionally for year and a half, then the idea had appeared - 'lets meet together'...

Recently we changed our addresses to the single one. Olga is moving to my place, we're starting to live together in Kyiv. Everything is possible;)


My name is Oleksandr, shorter form is Sashko.
I live in Kyiv, working with network technologies.
My Hobbies are: reading, walking, bicycling, traveling, genealogy and postcrossing.

I’d like to receive such cards
- something sunny and funny..
- something with water - ocean, sea, pond, river..
- something about computers:)
- something about your culture
- star wars
- anime or cartoon (esp. Hayao Miyazaki)
- Minions from Despicable
- bicycles
- котовасия

Or just choose the card of your choice.

Please note the date of posting, and please write something in your language with translation. e.g.Good night:)

Have a nice day and enjoy postcrossing!

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