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I'm Pete Barnett and live in the small town of Coseley situated close to the City of Wolverhampton in Central England. My two main interests are collecting stamps and studying local history. I combine the two by researching the history of my local postal service!
I really enjoy receiving mail through my letterbox, especially if it has postage stamps on and a nice postmark to tell me where it has come from. I also write about collecting stamps on my own blog at
I like to travel - even if it is just to the end of the street where my nearest postbox is situated. I read a great deal. I like music, especially blues and folk so I am rarely seen without my ipod fixed up to my ears.
People fascinate me. I like to learn from others: different ideas and ways of doing things. I don't take myself too seriously and have developed a keen sense of humour to deal with the stress and strains that can be created from being part of a society. Please tell me your favourite joke so I can pass it on!
My favourite postcards are those with maps on, interesting buildings, or paintings and artists, but mostly I like to see something of local interest to the sender.

If you collect map postcards, I would very much like to swap cards with you. My swaps can be seen at: for cards that are unposted,
or at: for cards that have been written on or sent in the post.

I have many other postcards for exchange. Some of these are in my web album which I update from time time. Check it out at

I also have classic / vintage postcards for exchange. These can be viewed at

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