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About Birgit...

Dear fellow postcrossers,

I am Birgit, aged 41 and live in a small German town close to the Dutch border (graag in Nederlands schrijven).
My interests are cultures and museums, arthouse movies, photography, yoga, music & singing, meeting friends and getting to know new people.
I love how Postcrossing connects cultures, religions, generations and most of all everyone's curiosity for new things.
Maybe you can tell me about how you chose the card for me, who you are, what inspires you or what you dream of. Maybe you could teach me one of your favourite words in your mother tongue. I love tots of text. This personal touch makes each card fascinating.

If possible, please send cards DATED / HANDWRITTEN without envelope

To give you an idea about cards I find most interesting and that might inspire you to find a similar one for me:
- (old) black & white photography
- macro photography
- photos and illustrations of hippos, bumblebees, squirrels, king fishers, sloths, frogs, pigs, hedgehogs, owls, donkeys, hummingbirds
- photos of landscapes, old trees, food, hands, rain, storm...
- art, especially paintings
- different cultures
I love cards by INKOGNITO, Pannenborg, Skowronski & Koch (Skoko), Atelier Nouvelles Images, Art Unlimited, Wortschatzkarte, Cardcetera Quotes, De Verderkijker, Lotte Teussink, Ole West, Bunny Suicides, Cintascotch (Art Unlimited)...
- Was one of your photos (or that of a friend/relative) professionally printed as a postcard? Please, share it with me! I like those, especially if you tell me about the photo why/where it was taken.
- You would like to send me a tourist card of the place where you live or a place you have been to? Please try to make me curious about what is shown! Do you have a favourite spot, café, restaurant there? Let me learn something new!

There is no washi tape needed or huge stickers.
I appreciate any personal message far more than decoration.

Those "Keep calm..." or "Greetings from..." as well as Postcrossing meet-up cards seem to make others totally happy. Don't waste them by sending them to me.
It would also be very thoughtful of you not to send:
- folded (double), self-printed, handmade or free/ad cards
- love-themed cards, kitsch or glitter (Tausendschön)
- bible quotes, army, warfare, patriotic or erotic stuff