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About Stefan...


my name is Stefan and I live with my husband in a small village in Germany.

I have a straydog and a cat (from the shelter, too), I love them so much! My dog has only three legs, but it`s no problem for her.
I work with disabled people and people who have a mental disorder . They live in their own homes and I help them to cope with everyday life.
I collect fridge magnets, love reading books, 2CV (the french car), Gothic and Dark Wave music and I am interested in politics. I am gay married since 2002.

I am a vegan and I hate cruelty to animals.

I am happy about every postcard and particularly I love postcards with

* dogs, sea horses, giraffes... all animals, but not in clothes, in a zoo or a circus

* black and white cards

* gay related

* related to human rights and animal rights

* weather phenomenons

* planets, universe, stars

* gothic and punk, Tattoos

* Citroen 2CV, Fiat500

* street art

* Snoopy

* Samu Haber :-)

* books

* progressive politicians from your country, propaganda cards from green (I am an active member of the German Green Party), socialist or other left-wing or liberal parties.... Canadians....are there postcards of your amazing Justin Trudeau?

* Eurovision Song Contest

* the football club FC St. Pauli

These are just ideas. For me Postcrossing is not a postcard shop, but I love the idea that we all are connected and share a part of our life.
But please no postcards with weapons, tanks, soldiers or war.
Oh, and no feet please. Feet are so ugly!

Feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook. Sometimes the link doesn`t work...my name is Stefan Kammler.

I always register the postcards the same day I receive them. A lot of people ask me to upload their postcards. Unfortunately I don`t have a scanner. I live in the countryside and you can´t imagine how slow the Internet in Germany can be. It often takes me more than half an hour to upload ONE postcard. I´m sorry, but I can´t do that.