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About Saskia...

I love meeting and talking to people from different countries and different cultures. I enjoy photography, writing, sports, reading, dancing, and beach hopping. I am a huge Manchester United fan and a lover of French, Bollywood, and Australian films. I love music, especially Russian pop music (I blame my sister for that), Rock & Roll, and Punk Rock.

The Virgin Island I live on is called Saint Croix, and it's the largest out of the four at a little over 80 square miles (not that big). I am originally from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and I live so close to Puerto Rico that I reckon I might be able to get you a postcard from there as well, as well as the British Virgin Islands.

Soccer, cricket and other sports are things I love immensely. I can watch football for hours, so if you love footy too, we can definitely talk about that!! I think photography is an art and that postcards are a great way to share it.

If you would like to send me a postcard, it can be written in your native tongue or you could try a little English. Regardless, I look forward to seeing it. :)

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