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About radimjv...

Hi, my name is Radim, I'm 36, botanist by profession. The digital era makes communication via emails or social networks pretty rapid. I therefore love the idea of Postcrossing to promote the "analogue" communication via postcards. I am happy that this "old-fashioned" communication is so alive here at Postcrossing :). I love the touch of distant places, see other cultures from postcards. And indeed nice stamps :).

I am not picky about the topic of postcards, but I will be happy if you can send me postcards depicting the place you live (city, landscape, important landmarks, whatever related to your place/region/country), please. A typical touristic postcard of your region.

I know some postcrossers prefers to provide a list. Here is my short wishlist of my favourite postcards. But it is just optional, any nice NON-homemade or NON-addcard is welcome and appreciated :).

- Please send me postcard from YOUR COUNTRY only. I like when the origin of postcard is matching the stamps.
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites
- Local touristic postcards
- Cathedral, churches

- FROM US: I like postcards of States, especially the mapcards (like this one http://www.postcrossing.com/postcards/US-2080752). If you have some spare postcard like this, please send me :)

- FROM RUSSIA: if you are not from Sankt Peterburg or Moskva, don't send me viewcards from those two amazing cities, but from your place, please :).

- ON OCTOBER: happy birthday postcards are welcome :)
- ON DECEMBER: Christmas postcards are welcome :)

- I like stamps. I really appreciate nice stamps on postcards. I also collect covers with nice stamps, my worldwide collection can be seen here: http://coverspostcardsworldwide.wordpress.com/
You therefore can send me just nice envelope/cover and I will register it.
Especially welcome are postcards/covers with any of the Finnish or Belarussian POSTCROSSING stamps :).

I've had a quite long list of expired cards. It was one of several reasons why I have quitted Postcrossing for a while. I've decided not publish all those lost postcards, as the information is useless...

Therefore, if your postcard hasn't reached me within usual period of time (for European Union, Japan, Australia 25+ days; for Asia, South America & Russia for 50+ days), please contact me and I can register your postcard.

However my status for direct swaps is OFF by default, I am open to some direct swaps.

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