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About Kerstin...

Hello! I got my History degree back in the 80's - and after all those years, my main interest is still History. I love to visit and learn about historic sites and read history books. Hence I would be happy to receive simply any commercially published, touristic viewcard showing a historic building, place, person or monument of your country - especially with your additional comments about them.

But I have lots of other interests as well... far too many really! :-)

Hence, my most favourite postcard subjects include:
- Medieval or Ancient Roman art and architecture (e.g. illuminated books and manuscripts; mosaics; wall paintings; sculptures);
- the Hanseatic cities of northern Europe, their old merchants' houses, storehouses and harbourside buildings;
- Royalty (of any country, past or present); Presidents; Popes;
- steam locomotives; tramways; metros & their system maps;
- container ships; submarines;
- sports arenas, football, ice hockey, any Olympic Games;
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites;
- the Polar regions, the Antarctic; volcanoes;
- Shakespeare; Einstein; Anton Chekhov; Oscar Wilde; Sherlock Holmes;
- stars, planets, Northern Lights, space, astronauts;
- Star Trek - the original 1960's series;
- cats (I love Kotovasiya, Jetoy cats, Pettson & Findus, and the blue cats of Irina Zeniuk);
- bats (but not vampires...);
- national dress; traditional food;
- tasteful/artistic/amusing erotica, pin-ups.

It would be lovely to find any of those, though of course not essential!
My Favourites are a wish list, too and include only cards I have not yet received.

Dear members in Germany: I always enjoy "Chronik" cards with their brief city histories and would really appreciate it if you happened to have one available.

Here's a very special wish! I seriously collect the Postallove "Greetings from..." series, so it would be a particular delight to receive one I'm still missing. (written, stamped and posted in the country it is about.) I already have:
Australia; Austria; Belarus; Belgium; Canada; China; Croatia; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Hong Kong; Hungary; Indonesia; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Luxembourg; Macau; Malaysia; Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; Poland (3 different ones); Portugal; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Africa; South Korea; Spain (2 different ones); Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand; Turkey; UK; Ukraine; USA.
Any "inofficial" versions are also very welcome!

Please don't forget to write the DATE on your card - Thanks!!

I would prefer NOT to receive anything that is not a commercially published, real postcard... so please NO handmade, crafted or self-printed items; pictures glued on card backs; private photos; letters; folded or halved greeting cards; "Touchnote" cards or ad cards. Thank you for your consideration.

PS - Sadly I am currently unable to scan any new cards. Please feel free to upload your own.

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