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ohnetitel, Germany


is a member in Germany . Has been a member for over 5 years (1,928 days).
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Lat: 48.14, Lon: 11.58 | Google Maps

About ohnetitel...


I am Russian currently residing in Munich:
I love reading, traveling and white wine.
PLEASE make the card worth the postage (it's fun!) & write me a few lines. If your really don't know what to write, just go with a random fact about what's on the card.
You may GOOGLE it! I am a quiz-freak, so I will be happy to get from you any info which is MORE than HAPPY POSTCROSSING.

Alternatively, a few lines about yourself are always very very welcome!

Here are some suggestion for the cards I like.

✮✮✮ my TOP preference ✮✮✮: 
▸ sth from my favorites (just choose your country):
▸ Postallove "Greetings from.." sent from the country of origin.
I already have:

▶ Unusual: 
▸"Did you know?" or similar, ex. 
▸ Do-it-yourself like this or

▶ Publishers: fotofolio / Nouvelles Images / Inkognito / Aquarupella / Bildreich / SkoKo / Lathodesign / GEO XXL (& similar)

▶ Art: fine art photography / anything BAUHAUS-related / beautiful doors, windows, spiral staircases / works of art / "Untitled", "Ohne Titel", "Без названия" / design: chairs, lamps / trompe-l’œil / storefronts / old-fashioned cafés & pubs / ART museums (OUTSIDE view) / tiles, Delftware, ceramics, pottery

(пожалуйста, не нужно советских откр!)

▶ People: people smoking or drinking or painting or reading / political leaders / Karl Marx

▶ OTHER: books & reading / GOTOCHI (I know.. I know..) / LGBT-related / universities (OUTSIDE view) / lavender / maps / cemeteries(new passion!) / square-shaped cards / wine & beverages / Judaica

▶ Ukraine: Євромайдан
▶ Russia: какие-нибудь необычные; также нетрадиционные виды СПБ
▶ Holland: Holland Images from this series 
▶ Poland: Plakat Polska
▶ Israel: העיר הלבנה
▶ USA: Route 66, state maps, single views with a city NAME ON THE FRONT, anything nice from Pomegranate pbooks, large letter postcards. or NEW YORK CITY ! ANYTHING. I'm in love with the US cards!
My collections (received) are stored @ Flickr:
i DON'T LIKE touristic cards, envelopes, children, cute drawings, animals, old cards, не люблю советские откр. This is just so not me. You may keep them for those who would treasure them. I appreciate.
Dear friends, please do me a favor, & don't apologize for the "wrong" card.... The "wrong" card for me is the one with nothing written on it.