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About Наталия...

Hello dear Postcrossers!
My name is Natalia, but you call me just Nata)
I am not married. I have two sons. They are 16 and 22 years old.
I live in the small town of Smorgon. I'm 42 years old. I like to listen to the rain and drinking hot coffee with cinnamon, admire the rainbow, flying snow and autumn leaves. In my free time I like knitting, reading and cooking. My favourite books are detective stories. Also I love the Scandinavian cinema.
I collect tea bags and bookmarks.

Favorite cards -
💖 Teddy bears 🐻
💖 Sven Nordqvist: Findus & Petterson
💖 hedgehogs, especially Mecki cards
💖 card of Edition Tausendschön!!!
💖 umbrellas 🌂
💖 women is reading a book 📖
💖 "touristy" postcards from your area
💖 fairy Cicely Mary Barker
💖 blue cats by Rina Zeniuk
My collecton
💖 tulips, peonies, lilac
💖 flowers in a vase
💖 a fox
💖 trains 🚄🚃🚃🚃🚃
💖 romantic 💕
💖ladies of the Victorian era

💖 lighted lanterns
💖 tea, coffee, teapot
💖 country scenery
💖 Krtek by Zdeněk Miler
💖 Keep Calm
💖 wooden boat
💖 National Park
💖 birthday cards (in may)
💖 Christmas cards (in december)

If you would add washi tape or a sticker, I'd appreciate it greatly. I love decorated postcards!

For the Russian postcrossers

*** What makes you happy?
*** What is your favourite book?
*** What music do you listen to?

Please NO pin-ap, hand-made card, self-print and ad card!!! I send real postcards and i like receiving real ones.

Please write date on the card, thanks.
Please do not ask me to register a card if I haven't received it. . I register ALL cards when I get them.

Take care & happy postcrossing!!!

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