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marcypgray, United States of America


is a member in United States of America . She has been a member for over 4 years (1,531 days).
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About marcypgray...

"People will venture out to the height of the mountain to seek for wonder. They will stand and stare at the width of the ocean to be filled with wonder. But they will pass one another in the street and feel nothing. Yet every individual is a miracle. How strange that nobody sees the wonder in one another."

----->May- July card suggestions- Recipe cards, Food related advertising (even a cut out from an old food box), 4th of July cards from USA Postcrossers, erotica...(the naughtier the better, I'm trying to see if my postman notices, lol), gardening (vegetable/fruit), and I always appreciate neat stamps- this is by no means a demand, just a helpful hint if you have any you'd like to send. I love ALL cards, but I put up a board in my living room to display certain cards pertaining to the current theme. All other cards are displayed in my office, so don't worry, any card you send will be loved and displayed somewhere in my home! :) <-------

Hello! I'm 35 years old...or young, however I feel on a particular day. I'm not picky about what postcard you send me, I just love getting mail! If you're not sure what to write, just tell me about your day. You can tell me whatever you like, treat it like a "dear diary"....just don't tell me where you hid any bodies ;)

I'm a stay at home mom to my son. My family means the world to me. We're not quite normal and I love it. I have many cats and 1 smelly dog. I live in a small town with 1 stoplight, and it's broke. Ever see the cartoon movie Cars? Well it's just like Radiator Springs. Not much excitement going on here. I've lived here my whole life.

I travel from state to state here in the USA, been to Mexico when I was in high school. Other than that, I don't get out much. I dream big though :) As for touristy cards, I like unconventional ones, such as "worlds largest", recipes common to your area, strange buildings, informational and humorous cards.

I love to read, play piano, plant a big vegetable garden, cook, and play video games. I collect cookbooks too, I have over 1,000! My favorite hobby is geocaching. I have many diverse interests, it makes life fun.

I love to try new foods and learn about different cultures. I'm part German and part Cherokee Indian. Someday I hope to move to a place where I can just be myself.

If you'd rather write a note in an envelope, could you consider including a coin from your country's currency?

I'd like to receive birthday cards in May and Christmas cards in November/December if possible. They can be regular folded cards, they don't have to be postcards.

Possible topics of conversation to write to me about-

1. Do you have a bad neighbor? Tell me about it! It might make me feel better about some of mine. >.<

2. Write your favorite recipe

3. Draw a picture, even if you have 0% talent, stick figure FTW!

4. Tell me how you met you partner

5. Tell me a secret, it's safe with me!

6. What do you do for fun?

7. Tell me about the book your reading!

Thanks!!! :)