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manders2280, United States of America


(or Meredith) is a member in United States of America . She has been a member for over 8 years (3,055 days).
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About Meredith...

I love to travel, meeting people and learning about their everyday lives. When I visit new places, I enjoy hiking/trekking outdoors and visiting museums and UNESCO sites as well as trying new foods and shopping in local markets and shops. My July 2014 holiday was a trip to Prague and Germany with my niece. I enjoy road trips too, in all parts of the world. We are closer to real people on the road, in India, China, Korea, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Canada (many times), to name a few, as well as in the US. In May I took a road trip through the Southwest, stopping in Dallas; Chaco Canyon, a UNESCO site, in New Mexico; Petrified Forest and Grand Canyon, another UNESCO site, in Arizona; Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon in Nevada; and Bryce Canyon and Arches National Parks in Utah.

I'm happy with most any postcard, especially a card that's a particular favorite 💞 of yours. Your postcard preferences help me choose a card to send you. These are some of my likes 👍, in alphabetical order.
✈ a sight I should see when I visit your country
✈ architecture
✈ art
✈ black and white
✈ cartoon and storybook characters, especially blue cats
✈ feminism
✈ Gotochi cards from Japan
✈ lighter than aircraft or aerostats: kites, balloons and dirigibles
✈ markets
✈ mountain scenery (It's quite flat where I live.)
✈ ocean scenery
✈ puffins
✈ robots
✈ Roman aqueducts and other antiquities
✈ stock exchanges
✈ women

Tell me about your favorite food. What is it called in your language? Is it from your own country or another place? Is it sweet or savory? What is it made from? Is it simple to make or complicated? Where do you eat it? How often do you eat it? I've learned from your answers that people all over the world love pizza, pasta, sushi and potato pancakes.

Sometimes people ask me about my favorite food. At this time of year, my favorite food is sweet corn on the cob, picked the same day we drop it in a pot of boiling water. Now that I live in Minnesota, in the corn belt (lots of corn grown here for Green Giant and Del Monte as well as feed corn), we can buy wonderful fresh corn. I buy a generous dozen - last week it was 15 - and shuck the ears (take off the husks) and drop them into boiling water with a little sugar. We eat five or six for dinner and I wrap each ear left over in plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator. We eat them cold, one at a time, for the next few days.

Postscript. I didn't vote for him.

Updated 15 August 2018