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About Linda...

Hello and welcome to my profile.
My name is Linda. I'm a student (biostatistics) from Germany.
I love traveling. Before I started university I spent a year traveling in Australia and New Zealand. Sadly, at the moment I don't have the time and money to travel but luckily I found postcrossing which is a great substitute.
I also enjoy reading, watching TV series (Sherlock, Elementary, friends, castle...) , going to the gym and watching women's tennis (I'm quite bad at it myself, though ).

Every postcard you send me will make me happy. I appreciate every postcard I get - as long as you put your heart and soul into it ;)

If you'd like some inspiration, these are some of my preferences:

-whatever puts a smile on your face

-science (biology, genetics, space, maths)



-cards with a lot of white (e.g. white background and colourful text/image)

-I like the personal touch of a postcard so if you are creative feel free to send me a selfmade card (btw funny free cards are fine, too)


-or you can just have a look at my favourites, it's kind of a wishlist. I'd love to get a card from those or one similar to them

But again, these are only some of the things I like, you can send me whatever you want - surprise me.

And of course it would be nice if you wrote a few things about yourself. If you have no idea what to write, maybe these questions can help:
-what's the last thing -big or small- that made you happy or proud?
-Is there something/someone you are really thankful for? and why?
-What is something you couldn't live without?
-what are you looking forward to?
-is there something you'd really love to do but that you put off again and again? why?

Or you can just recommend me your favourite book/movie/music or write a nice quote, that would be great, too. Or add a "fun fact" or a little drawing/sketch.

Thank you for reading all this. Happy postcrossing!