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About Lars...

I'm Lars, I'm 22 years old and I live in a suburb of Utrecht, the fourth biggest city in the Netherlands. I grew up in Terborg, a small town near the German border, but I moved to Utrecht for my studies. I have finished my bachelor's degree in Human Geography and Spatial Planning. I now work at a municipality (local government), on the field of mobility and transportation. From January - June 2022 I've lived in Vilnius, Lithuania on an Erasmus exchange. It was a wonderful time and made me a big fan of both Lithuania and the other Baltic countries Latvia and Estonia.

My hobbies are Postcrossing, public transportation, languages, Eurovision, and I love travelling! I prefer travelling by train and have made several train trips across Europe. So far, I have been lucky to set foot in 33 (European) countries. I love learning languages and while I'm definitely not fluent in all of them, I can read the languages that you see listed above.

My favourite topics on postcards would be:
- View cards from your country, region, city or town. Multi-view or single view, everything is okay! (Ook uit Nederland!)
- Islands
- Flags
- Maps (Or anything related to geography)
- Public transportation (Trains, metros, trams, buses, train stations, airports, transit maps)
- Infrastructure and Urban planning
- Greetings from... and Flags of the World series, but since I already have a lot of them, please check my collection to avoid duplicates:
- You can check my favourites to get an idea of what I like, all cards there are cards that I haven't received

I prefer cards from the country of origin, although this is obviously not a requirement. For me, the backside of the card is just as important as the front, so don't worry about these preferences too much. I will appreciate every postcard as long as I see that the sender put some effort into writing it.

If you don't know what to write, I would love to hear about your travel experiences, plans and recommendations. What would you advise me to visit in your country? What are your dream destinations? What was your favourite (train) journey? Tell me anything interesting about your town or country! I appreciate it when you write the date and weather + temperature :)

One small request is that I prefer my postcards with NO envelope, thank you!

Thank you for reading my profile! I hope it was not too long :) I'm looking forward to receiving your postcard. Happy Postcrossing and greetings from the Netherlands,


Feel free to follow me on Instagram @larsvrsm, where I post random pictures from travels and my personal life.

Ich spreche deutsch // Je parle français // Я изучаю русский язык, и уже много понимаю. Пожалуйста, напишите на русском. // Mluvím česky a rozumiem slovensky // Jeg snakker norsk, jeg kan læse dansk och jag kan läsa svenska // Kalbu tik truputį, bet prašom rašyk mane lietuviškai jeigu esi iš Lietuvos // Please write me in these languages! It's a great way for me to practice

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