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antarrrtida, Portugal


(or Mafalda) is a member in Portugal . She has been a member for over 6 years (2,304 days).
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Lat: 38.52, Lon: -8.89 | Google Maps

About Mafalda...

(Private swaps are usually welcome!)

I've always been in love with our world and I'm a traveler by heart and soul. I'm always trying to find a way to go abroad (I've lived in Spain and Slovenia before and I've traveled a lot in Europe so far) and Postcrossing is a good way for me to stay connected when geographically I'm not travelling.

Postcrossing is happy to me when you don't write just Happy Postcrossing! I don't collect just postcards, I like to collect stories and random knowledge, so I'll let you with some challenges on what to write to me (whether it's in english, portuguese or spanish):

✈ Recommend me a song or an artist from the country you live in;
✈ If you had a superpower, what it would be?
✈ If you had a time machine, what would you do with it?
✈ Tell me a secret and I will keep it to myself.
✈ A random fun fact. I just learned about the dark nature of dolphins. Cutie bastards!
✈ What is going on in your local community/politics

You can send me both touristic or non-touristic postcards. Weird postcards. You can look at my favorites or you can choose randomly from your box (I'm not picky and I might be nicely surprised!). However these are the specific collections I am doing or some interests I have so I'll be thrilled to receive postcards with these themes or with a message related to it:

◆ Maps (country, city, continent, world maps, train, subway or any public transportation maps, any kind of map really) - I do love love love map-cards and geography is my kink!
◆ Flags
◆ Airplanes
◆ Frida Kahlo, Courtney Love and people in general (famous or not)
◆ National Geographic;
◆ Cats, Wolves, Goats, Monkeys, Spiders or Wild Animals in general;
◆ LGBTQueer and Feminism
◆ Fantasy & Mythological Creatures & Witches & Astrology
◆ Beat Generation, Riot Grrrl Movement, Punk or other sub-cultures
◆ Oceans
◆ Pacific Coast Highway (or highways in general)
◆ With the moon specially or space in general
◆ Photography (it can be Erotic/Nude too!)
◆ Cinema & TV Series & Marvel & DC Comics & Star Wars & HP & other sagas & nerdy stuff & Pop Culture

You can check all my collection(s) here:

All I ask you is to understand that I'm not here to collect just pieces of card. I always try to send something that's not shallow so I ask you to do the same.

✔ Write the date (and hour, if you want to)
✖ No envelopes, if possible (I'm not worried about damage) - just written and stamped
✖ No shaped cards (just quadricular or rectangular, it can be regular, big or small) because they get damaged easily and I'd like your card to stay with me for life
✖ No 3D stickers because of the mailbox, please (but feel free to be yourself and decorate the card as you want to!)
✖ No Christmas, easter, birthday cards. You can send me religious cards if they are informative. If not, you can save it to someone who will appreciate it. =)

Thank you for reading all of this. Read you soon! =)