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Tlapka, Czech Republic


is a member in Czech Republic . She has been a member for over 4 years (1,721 days).
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  • Languages: Czech, English, čuť-čuť Russian, Espaňol (un poco)
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Lat: 49.85, Lon: 18.43 | Google Maps

About Tlapka...

Hello, Привет, Hola!

I´m a student from a small Czech town. I´m here to "travel around the world" and find out new facts about different countries. :)

I would be very happy, if you share something about living in your country with me, or write something about mine - what is my country famous for, which personalities?
- PLEASE, DATE the card. I also like simply drawings of the weather you have right now. :)

I love especially these cards:

- which looks like the flag/map of your country (or interesting world maps, such as
- UNESCO cards with the simply explanation
- connected with the Space and sky at night - aurora polaris, views of the Earth from the space
- connected with the Olympic games
- with wildlife animals (favorites: llamas, colourful butterflies and fish, shells and starfish, meerkats)
- Postcrossing cards
- with the British Royal family (or another with a simply introduction) :)
- with a bichon (I have one), books, letters, fireworks, skyscrapers, ice cream or chocolate, rainbows, waterfalls, tulips, crayons...
- a photo of your country/city - I especially enjoy single-view night sceneries or bird-viewes
- famous tennis players of 21st century! I love tennis, even if I´m a beginner forever. I´m a fan of all Czech players, but I like some others, too. :)
- something typical for your country (dishes, animals, places...)
- or you can inspire in my favourites :)

- UK: I love J. Herriot´s books. I´d be absolutely happy to recieve a postcard connected with him, Darrowby or Skeldale!
- USA: I especially love The Golden Gate Bridge and WTC Centre, or cards with the name of your state. :)
- RUSSIA: Thanks for the wonderful Games! I enjoyed SOCHI so much! If you can use a stamp with it (or a whole card, of course :D), I would be soooo happy! ;)

However, each card sent with love is really welcome! :)

P.S: I don´t put recieved postcards in favourites, there are only cards I don´t have. So don´t be afraid I don´t like it. ;)

Thanks, Спасибо, Gracias!


Also I´be happy to find a long-term penfriend for a snail mail especially from Canada/Australia/New Zealand/South America/Indonesia/Philippines. I´d like to improve my English and „meet“ new people. I´m looking for a girl around my age (21) with a similiar level of English as is mine.
I´d like to share everything, every-day life in your/my country, your/my dreams, hobbies, problems and happiness... Like with a real-life friends. :)
I study at university (Czech language and Literature + Basics of Social Studies). My hobbies are especially: tennis, our two dogs, literature, working at a school magazine and of course – Postcrossing! Send me a message, if you´re intrested in pen-friendship with me! ;)
P.S. I promise to you – I´ll write legibly. :)