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About Lotte11...

To all EUROPEAN Postcrossers: I´d be happy to receive the "Europa- stamp - collection" and it dosen´t matter wich year.

Hi friends,

I'd like to introdruce me quickly:
My name is Lotte, I'm 26 years old and live inRostock wich is in the very north of Germany
I work as a goldsmith and in my sparetime i like to read, painting, hiking, trying nice dishes, exploring new cultures and watching movies.
Please tell me about your life.

I recently gave birth to a little baby girl (Martha) wich was born end of october and maybe you´d like to send a postcard to her instead of me?

Postcards I prefer:

- your national military
- vintage and retro style
- jewellery,precious stones
- foxes
- GOTOCHI CARDS - I want to collect them all
- beautiful women (maybe representing your country or culture)
- astronomic or atmospheric ones
- anything related to Frida Kahlo
- special shaped postcards
- movie advertisement or well made advertisement in general
- sights from your country wich are really famous and well know but are not presented in this typical touristic way
- sovjet propaganda

- or just select the postcard from your own collection you would love to receive

If you are unsure what to send just have a look on my faves.

(I dont like multiview postcards that much and please don't send those thin-paper-free-cards -> they damage so easy.)

I´ve read that some people send little things from their countries and I think it´s a great idea.
If you´d like to send your postcard in an envelope you can send me something from your country, for example coins and foreign currency ( I'm collecting bank notes from all over the world), fridge magnets (I love to See all these fantastic places everytime I prepare a meal), bookmarks, seeds or a teabag, stamps you don't need anymore or just a little surprise -> Please share your culture with me.
I´m also ready to swap such items if you´d like to, just let me know.

Could you please send me nice stamps, as my mom collects them?
And if you can: please send your card in an envelope -> it´s so much easier to remove the stamps without harming the postcard.

Thank you for your effort in advance.

Happy postcrossing!

P.S.: Thank you to everyone who send me something in addition so far (and in the future) and all the kind words- you are perfect :)

P.P:S.: Sometimes people ask about the stamps, stickers and decorations I put on my sent cards and I would highly recommend the website to everyone who´s curious.


Expired Postcard: None ---- would you believe that? No? .... Me neither :(