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About Lisa...

Hello,World! (:
I'm Elizaveta.Lisa for short,23 y.o. teacher.
I live in Saint-Petersburg.My city's very beautiful,diverse and amazing.I would even say mysterious.

I'm fond of handmade,beading,cross stitching,reading,movie,cycling,baking.

I love meeting new people and interested in the history,culture,languages of different countries.
I've a dream to travel around the world for new experiences and discoveries.Now my postcards're travelling instead of me everywhere and also a piece of my soul with them.It's awesome! :)

Here are some of the themes I enjoy:
✔ Bird's-eye view,painted city views,night cities,B&W views,famous places of your city/country,maxicards
✔ Unusual monuments/buildings,metro stations.
✔ Beautiful landscapes
✔ Daily life of ordinary people
✔ People/mode of life in the 19th-20th century
✔ Reading/writing people/people with books
✔ People with red hair color
✔ Colorful cards
✔ Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
✔ Marine art
✔ Portrait painting/photography
✔ People in national costumes
✔ Unesco World Heritage Sites
✔ Lighthouses
✔ Famous people(excluding politicians)
✔ Audrey Hepburn,Ralph Fiennes,Christian Bale
✔ Family motive/children
✔ Krtek,Smurfs,Garfield,Polish cartoons,Moomins
✔ Astrid Lindgren characters
✔ TV serials:Friends,Prison Break,LOST,House,Lie to Me,Downton Abbey,Sherlock,War&Peace
✔ The Hunger Games,Harry Potter
✔ Frames of famous movie moments
✔ Theatre
✔ Anything British themed
✔ OLD style AD-cards
✔ Ballet,ballerinas
✔ Сhristmas and Easter(I'm a Catholic),New Year,Birthday cards
✔ Olympic Games
✔ Patterns,mosaics,strained glass
✔ Royal Families
✔ Nouvelles images
✔ Dawn,sunset,sky
✔ Flowers(esp.lilies,tulips,wildflowers)
✔ Libraries,books
✔ Birds(esp.small birds/bright tropical birds,owls)
✔ Dogs(esp.dalmatians),ginger cats,deer,foxes
✔ Cards by Lotta Nieminen
✔ Советские открытки с актерами
✔ Картины советских художников
✔ Дворы Петербурга
✔ Флора и фауна Беларуси
✔ Крошка Ши
✔ Открытки Н.Уваровой,Л.Афремова,В.Колбасова
✔ GF cards
✔ Handmade cards are welcome but please in envelopes.My handmade dream is smth like this

Please, take a look into my favorites,
maybe you have smth similar,I'd be very happy.Anyway be sure that I'll be glad to receive any card you choose for me!

*But please don't send AD-cards,anime,pin-up,strange/dark/frightening cards.

It will make the card extra special if you write something about yourself,your life,the place you live in,the traditions of your country.Also you can write me the title of your favorite movie and book or some words in your native language with translation into English.Or whatever comes to mind :)

*It would be great if you draw a little bird for me

I've been learning Finnish and Polish so I'll also appreciate cards written in these languages.

I'm looking forward to receive your card

Take care