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Fireblossom, Germany


(or Anni) is a member in Germany . She has been a member for over 6 years (2,260 days).
1,368 sent 1,370 received

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Lat: 51.05, Lon: 13.74 | Google Maps

About Anni...

Hi there :)
My name is Marianne, but I prefer to be called Anni. I am happy to receive a card from you! :)

I'm studying to become a teacher of the subjects history and latin. I am a cat lover, stamp collector and big fan of pen&paper RPG, music festivals, pc games, puzzles and handicraft. I also enjoy photography - some of my best pictures I send out as postcards :) My dream is to visit Mongolia one day.

Postcrossing is one of my most beloved hobbies, makes me travel in mind and learn about many things on our nice planet.

» Some requests:

• The cards in "Favourites" I would like to receive. Maybe you have one of them (or similar) for me? It would totally make my day! :) (I know they are many... just look up the ones from your country!)

• Please check my received cards, for I'd like to avoid doubles! :)

• I prefer my cards written and stamped. Please put some nice stamps on the card, if possible!

• If you send a viewcard, please do only send one from the country that matches your ID. Thanks!

» PLEASE do NOT send to me: multiview - AD cards - cards with glitter - 3D cards - cartoons or comics - famous people - childrens drawings - sports - snakes - nude - christmas/easter cards - dolls !!
PLEASE keep these cards for other people who will like them more then I do :)

» Card themes I really enjoy:

- cards from my faves :)

- people in traditional clothing
- food from your country and any kind of sweets!
- archeology sites
- cards with special shape (like your country)
- rider monuments
- pottery
- music instruments

USA: single view with name of your state (example:
ASIA: cards like these:

- illustrations: cats, flowers, landscapes
- artworks by Leonid Afremov & Alphonse Mucha
- illustrated cats by Oxana Zaika & Anna Hollerer
- Endaurova illustration (example:
- street art, graffiti
- Flower Fairies

- any kind of CATS!
- lynxes
- dandelion clock
- birds of prey
- fruits & berries
- wonderful sights of nature (single view please!)
- flowers (especially: lupine, clematis, lavender)
- birch trees, willow catkins
- 4 elements (wind, fire, earth, air)
- seashells
- feathers

- Postcrossing-related
- cards with matching stamp on front ("maxi cards")
- letterboxes
- stamp collections
- cards from postcrossing meetings (with signatures!)

- any kind of dice!
- flower bouquets
- teapots
- books
- candles
- fans

- archery
- falconry
- very colourful cards

• My collection of special themes can be found at "website" :)

• I am always open for private swaps! If you like one card that I have send, please message me the ID and we can start a swap if I have another copy of it :)